Friday Face-Off | Better a witty fool than a foolish wit

What better way to start the weekend than with an Epic Battle of Books?! Every friday, different editions of the same book enter the ring *cue Tyra Banks* in the hopes of becoming Friday’s Fancy Front – a.k.a.: the best cover *exit Tyra*
This weekly meme is hosted by Books By Proxy who provides us with awesome themes with an even more awesome title. The previous themes have been relatively easy, don’t you think? But this week, however, I don’t know where to look for a book with a jester or a fool on the cover. I was already contemplating not posting a Friday Face-Off this week, when I suddenly realised that one of the most recent books I read featured a fool, and he was on the cover!

A couple of FFO’s ago, I aready did a Pratchett battle, so the diversity in the covers will be of no surprise to you all. My copy of the book – which is a great parody on MacBeth, for those who are interested! – is the very first one, the one with the actual fool on the cover. I think it’s once again a very funky and colourful edition and I really like this style of covers and how they all look so amazingly funny together. My favourite of these, though, is the very last one. The sleek, black and silver contrast is just beautiful and it’s even more beautiful in real life.
The middle two books, though, don’t do anything to me. The purple one is just meh and the third tries to imitate the first one, but isn’t bold enough in its execution and thus falls flatt in comparison to the hectic and crazy mess that is the first cover.
What’s your favourite here?


2 thoughts on “Friday Face-Off | Better a witty fool than a foolish wit

  1. Normally I go for simple, classy cover and I love black backgrounds, but for Discworld novels I have to say I prefer the busy, colourful cover art on the left. Given that the books parody fantasy tropes, and given the plots are often packed with colourful and crazy happenings, it just feels appropriate to me to have that traditional colourful fantasy-art style!

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