Friday Face-Off | Renewed Shall Be The Blade That Was Broken

What better way to start the weekend than with an Epic Battle of Books?! Every friday, different editions of the same book enter the ring *cue Tyra Banks* in the hopes of becoming Friday’s Fancy Front – a.k.a.: the best cover *exit Tyra*
This weekly meme is hosted by Books By Proxy who provides us with awesome themes with an even more awesome title. This week, us Fantast lovers have it easy. A book with ‘blade’ in the title isn’t that hard to find in Fantasyland. I’ll take this chance to showcase a discovery from a few years back which has become a major – and finished – series.

Heirs Of The Blade is the seventh book in the ten-book series Shadows of the Apt by Adrian Tchaikovsky. When the first book was released – in 2009, I think – I was intrigued by the mix of steampunk and insects. While I have not read past the fourth book in the series, those four were kind of brilliant. In a world where people have adopted insect-abilities, different Kinden-species are at war. The best thing about this series, though, is the creativity that’s been put into the characters. I love how the characters display the most dominant traits of the insects – and other creepies – they’re linked to, both in personality as physical traits. Going from sprouting wings like an actual flying insect to the mind-link of a colony of ants. Brilliant!
For once, I have no preference where the cover is concerned. I have the first one and I like the design of it. The second one is the more recent release and although pretty standard and a classic Fantasy cover, I do like how each and every book has a specific dominant cover and a weapon on front.
What about you? Do you have a preference? Have you read this series, cause if not, you should give it a try. They’re doorstoppers, though, so make sure you have some spare time.


5 thoughts on “Friday Face-Off | Renewed Shall Be The Blade That Was Broken

  1. Love this book. Love this series. Love the covers. All amazing but I have to go for the first one (even if it is a bajillion times bigger than the other books in the series so has to sit on its lonesome away from its bookshelf companions!)

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    • I know, right? I have the small paperbacks for books one to six, but if you pile those with the spine towards you, their height is the same as the big ones after standing up. It doesn’t look too bad, if I say so myself.
      I really must continue on with this, but I think I better start all over again cause I remember jack.


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