Musical Mondays | Playlist Shuffle II

While this blog is primarily about books, I have ventured out into TV-land and given you my opinion on some of the series or movies I’ve been watching. I have another passion, however, which has yet to get out in the spotlight. Most of the time, when I’m reading, I’m also listening to music and prior to moving in with my boyfriend, I spent most of my time on my room and I was playing cd’s from dusk till dawn. Suffice to say that I am quite passionate about music and with this little fortnightly segment, I’ll share some of that passion with you.
While it is fun to share my favourite artists with you, one by one, I’ll never be able to share with you guys the wide range of music I like. So now and again, I’ll just put my playlist on shuffle and share with you the first ten songs that come by. This is also floating around as a tag, but I’m not going to tag anyone, I just want to share some of the songs I listen to.
I have different playlists, each with lots and lots of music, and for this week I’ve put my work playlish on shuffle. Or just put it on, cause I always listen on shuffle.

Taylor Swift, Eyes Open
One of these mondays, you’ll here about my Taylor Swift story, cause much like Rihanna, she is a case of the turnaround. In fact, it wasn’t until her contribution to the Hunger Games soundtrack that I started noticing her and her music. Even though I prefer the more dramatic Safe & Sound, this Eyes Open also really opened my eyes to what Taylor had to offer musically.

The Moody Blues, You Can Never Go Home
As you might have noticed since this musical meme started, I have quite a broad taste in music, going from contemporary pop to Hungarian folk thanks to the ESC. A genre I really favour in recent years is classic rock. This started when I saw the movie Dark Shadows. It featured the magnificent song Nights In White Satin and when we got home from the cinema, I raved about the music to my dad. He mentioned the band, along with Procol Harum and thus started my journey into the rock of decades past.

The Corrs, Catch Me When I Fall
The very first Musical Monday was about The Corrs, my first big musical love. I was a bit sad when they went on hiatus all those years ago, so imagine my surprise when they announced their return last year. I was even happier when their new album turned out to be a real delight and a return to their previous form.

Charlotte Church, The Mistress
I think I first heard of Charlotte Church around the time her 2006 album Tissues & Issues was released. I really liked the poppy sound of it and, as I do so much when I discover a new artist, went digging into her back catalogue. I didn’t much enjoy the childstar-era of hers, but I did like what came next. The more folky pop and her more recent experimental EP’s. It’s very much hit and miss, but when she hits she hits it good. This one, unfortunately, is a pretty big miss.

Blondie, Double Take
Maria, that’s the song I think about whenever i think about Blondie. Maria and One Way Or Another. Recently, however, I was listening to some older music on YouTube and soon after Maria was recommended. This peaked my interest in the band again and I went in search of their other music. Turns out Maria is their best known song, but they have a lot of other great songs to offer and I’m very glad I took the time to listen.

Amy Macdonald, Next Big Thing
Amy Macdonald is one of the first music my boyfriend and I listed together. We weren’t dating that long when we went to her concert in Brussels and we’ve seen her twice since. Her very first album remains the best, in my opinion, but I enjoy all her music nonetheless. Whenever she released a new album, I’m all in trance for it, but eventually I revert to songs like Rock Bottom, Barrowland Ballroom and This Is The Life. I wish she would hurry up with some new music, cause I really miss my Scottish lady.

Belle & Sebastian, Simple Things
If there is one band I want to see live, it is Belle & Sebastian. Their music is so peculiar, so upbeat and quirky but with another layer added to it. I wish more people knew of them, cause whenever I mention them I get blad stares and vacant eyes. In fact, I had a little rabbit a few years past and named him Sebastian. I joked around that when I got another one, I needed a girl so I could name her Belle. No one understood. Sad, really. I wish I could share my love for songs like Sookie In The Graveyard and the complete Write About Love album.

Heart, Lost Angel
Ah, Heart. When I was in highschool, the radiostation I listened to did a nonstop ‘Top 2000’ between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I tried to get most of it, cause especially at night the dj’s were so fun and loose it made for great radio. A song that was a contender for the top 100 every year, was Heart’s Alone. I love these dramatic rock ballads and it made me look for their other music. While I think that Alone really is their best song, there are some other gems in their discography for you to discover.

Lana Del Rey, Queen Of Disaster
We’ve already established my love for the great Lana Del Rey. Not only do I adore her regular music, but her b-sides contain some great tracks as well. No truly stellar gems like on her albums, but songs like Queen Of Disaster really make for some great listening when you’re commuting or doing some sports.

Delta Goodrem, Dancing With A Broken Heart
One of the musical discoveries I am most proud of, is Delta Goodrem. There was a time, a long way back, when Windows Media Player had this kind of news feature where new music was promoted and you could click on songs and watch videos. For some reason, Delta Goodrem appeared on there with Born To Try and I liked it enough to look up another song. Along came Lost Without You and I was lost for good. Ever since I’ve been looking forward to new music from this Australian muse and I fall head over heels again with every new album. Her latest, Child Of The Universe, was such a great album I don’t know if she’ll be able to top that. I can only hope..

So there you have it, another ten songs out my extensive music collection. Did you hear anything you like, or did you discover something new and amazing? Share it below. If not, don’t worry, perhaps next month’s shuffle is so you! Rock on.


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