Friday Face-Off | Like One, That On A Lonesome Road

What better way to start the weekend than with an Epic Battle of Books?! Every friday, different editions of the same book enter the ring *cue Tyra Banks* in the hopes of becoming Friday’s Fancy Front – a.k.a.: the best cover *exit Tyra*
This weekly meme is hosted by Books By Proxy and much like reading is a journey, this week we take a look at books which feature a road on the cover. For this topic, I wanted to go with a book where the two covers couldn’t be more different.

Both editions are from the same publisher, Harper Voyager, but the bright and pink one is a new edition. Initially, when this book/series was recommended to me, I had bought the first edition. While the bleak gray certainly has its charms and fits the rather grim and dark story, I wasn’t too fond of it. I also got the second book in the series in this mass market paperback edition and was patiently awaiting the release of the third one. I wanted my books to match, so I didn’t outright went for it when it came out, but waited. And waited. And waited. But the book never got a mass market release as far as I know. It was released, however, in a bright paperback edition, along with a rerelease of the first two. Since I figured a mmpb edition would never come and I really liked the bold colours, I decided to rebuy the first two and continue along with this release.
Next to the bold colours, I like how the cover seems like a movieposter for a film noir or something along those lines. So it’s no surprise that I favour the right cover over the left.

What about you? Where does your allegiance lie?

2 thoughts on “Friday Face-Off | Like One, That On A Lonesome Road

  1. I love the illustration on the right hand cover but much prefer the composition of the left… so it’s very difficult to choose! I think if the right hand image were larger – and I could do without the bright border – that it’d win it for me! 😀


  2. I’d definitely pick the grey! I like the font and composition. The right hand one looks too dated, old and text-filled to me, and the colours clash… also it just doesn’t look like the cover of a fantasy novel so I’d immediately dismiss it as non-fiction or literary fiction at first glance (genres I rarely read). I was also surprised that the colourful one is the newer version – to me it looks like a book printed in the 60s or 70s. I guess that is a bit deliberate because of the image style.

    Anyway, was very interesting to read why you prefer the colourful one, obviously opinions vary widely when it comes to book covers!


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