Friday Face-Off | Dead Men Tell No Tales

What better way to start the weekend than with an Epic Battle of Books?! Every friday, different editions of the same book enter the ring *cue Tyra Banks* in the hopes of becoming Friday’s Fancy Front – a.k.a.: the best cover *exit Tyra*
This weekly meme is hosted by Books By Proxy and this week we take a look at a book where the covers depicts death in any way. As a lover of Fantasy in all its forms and incarnations, death is never far away. So when I walked upstaird to peruse my shelves, I suddenly got a thought! Why not only take a book with a cover that features death, but a book that is also about death? Death with capital D. Or rather: DEATH. All caps.


It’s been little over a year since this brilliant mind left our atmosphere. He will never be forgotten as long as the written word is around, but it’s never a bad time to highlight the greatness that is Sir Terry Pratchett. Above some covers of his first novel where DEATH was the main protagonist. The very fist one is the one I have. I know my boyfriend hates – or at least dislikes – these type of covers, very all over the place and comic-ish, but I actually really like them. It’s quite distinctive on my shelves and stands out way more than a pretty but generic cover.
My favourite, though, is the black one. Very simple but elegant and lovely. It’s that I like my series to match and that I already started buying the bright and colourful ones before I noticed the smooth black in a bookshop, cause I might have gone for the more expensive but better looking black covers.
The other three I don’t like as much, to be honest.

But what about you? Which cover do you prefer?


4 thoughts on “Friday Face-Off | Dead Men Tell No Tales

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