Top 5 Wednesday | Cause I love a rainy day..

Every Wednesday, people from all over the bookish world gather ’round to share their top 5 lists concerning whatever theme that week. All under the watchful eye of the Mother of all Top5’s, Lainey.
Here in Belgium, Spring mostly means lots of Spring showers. In fact, earlier today we’ve had a lovely downpour. Unfortunately I was working from home at the moments, so I couldn’t cuddle up on the couch with a book. It would be fitting, though, cause this week’s top 5 Wednesday is all about those books we wish we could cuddle up with while the rain is coming down outside.
I have to admit I have some trouble with this week’s theme. Sure, I love reading a book when it’s raining, cause it’s really cosy and all. However, I don’t have a certain type of book that I want to read, nor books that I think are specifically fit for reading when the lawn is getting watered.

5. Mr. Big
While I don’t have “rain book”, when I think of cuddling up on the couch, under a blanket with a cuppa, I do picture me holding a heavier book than the latest contemporary release – well, you wouldn’t probably find me holding the latest contemporary, but you catch my drift. I think that being inside while it’s raining has a very specific atmosphere to it. Some people hate it, but I actually like rain when I don’t have to get out. This probably stems from my time at home, when I was off from school and the sun was shining, we had to help out in the garden where there was always a lot to do – and I don’t like gardening at all. So whenever it was raining, that was one chore I couldn’t do and thus had the opportunity to read or watch a series or play a videogame.
Big books add to the cosyness of it all, I think.

4. Everlasting love
Kind of like with the big books, the big series also fit a rainy day pretty well. When you live in Belgium, you tend to have days when it seems like the sun is never going to come out and all you get from up there is a murky gray blanket of clouds that every so often decide to release their content. Days like these tend to last forever, so what better way to spend it than make another dent in those series that also seem to last forever?

3. McDreamy
I am not really a moody reader, in so far that I can easily read whatever book whenever. Sure, some books resonate better when read during certain circumstances, but I don’t enjoy a book less because certain parameters weren’t in effect – hell, I get scared by a terrific thriller of a scary movie even without the night or thunder.
Some books, though, just work better and same goes for miserable weather. On days like.. well, today, reading a book from my favourite genre works ten times better than any other. Just give me a fantasy to dream away and it can rain for days on end.

2. Harry Potter
It’s pretty much a given, but Harry Potter almost always is a good choice. You all know by now that I am pretty biased when it comes to our lightning-scarred hero, but these books just are a great pick-me-up, also when it’s raining. Even more so, when it’s raining I like nothing more than taking a trip to Hogwarts and reading about how the rain is streaming down the windows.. That way, when I look outside for real, I can pretend just for a little longer that I’m actually in my Common Room in Hogwarts. I didn’t picture the tower of Ravenclaw as my living room, but it works for me.

1. Just play on
The best book to read when it’s raining, though, is the book you’re reading at the moment. This is of course very much a personal choice, but instead of looking for books that fit my mood or the weather or the colour of my socks, I’d much rather dive back into the story I left some time ago. A well-known environment with people you just recently saw, what better way to spend your rainy afternoon?

This was perhaps not the T5W you were expecting, but at least we got to have a discussion about rain. So tell me, what do you like to read when it’s wet outside? Are you more like me, or do you have certain books that suck you in even more depending on the weather? Comment away!

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5 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday | Cause I love a rainy day..

  1. Totally agree with you on the rainy days and reading ahahah I dont really pay attention either on what books Im reading o na rainy days or not Im just trying to finish what Im currently reading LOL On that note, I loved your suggestions 😀 Makes me discover new books too! – Trang

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  2. You’re right! Often rainy days turn into an incredibly grey, cloudy, disgusting days here. I never feel like doing anything then, but it would be the perfect time to get through a series! I haven’t read any Steven Erikson, although he’s been on my to-read list forever.

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