Musical Mondays | Playlist Shuffle

While this blog is primarily about books, I have ventured out into TV-land and given you my opinion on some of the series or movies I’ve been watching. I have another passion, however, which has yet to get out in the spotlight. Most of the time, when I’m reading, I’m also listening to music and prior to moving in with my boyfriend, I spent most of my time on my room and I was playing cd’s from dusk till dawn. Suffice to say that I am quite passionate about music and with this little fortnightly segment, I’ll share some of that passion with you.
While it is fun to share my favourite artists with you, one by one, I’ll never be able to share with you guys the wide range of music I like. So now and again, I’ll just put my playlist on shuffle and share with you the first ten songs that come by. This is also floating around as a tag, but I’m not going to tag anyone, I just want to share some of the songs I listen to.
I have different playlists, each with lots and lots of music, and for this week I’ve put my work playlish on shuffle. Or just put it on, cause I always listen on shuffle.

Lana Del Rey, Young And Beautiful
Coincidence that I’m starting with a Lana song after last week’s post, but this song is pure bliss. The orchestra, the plea for love. Oh Lana how you swoon me. This song was released around the time I fell head over heels in love with her, I think, so I swayed to this tune in my parents’ garden a-lot.

Lucie Silvas, Alone
Lucie Silvas has to be my first real big musical crush from when I started broadening my musical horizon. Before, I was just listening to mainstream pop on the radio but when I was seventeen or so, I started looking for new music on the internet. Lucie was one of my discoveries way back then and this song is a great piece of pop.

REO Speedwagon, Everything You Feel
I have a very broad taste in music and over time I lean more towards one genre or the other. I’ve been popping for a long time, but since I started watching Supernatural this January, I discovered some great rock songs through the show (CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SOOOOON!) and now I’m rocking my days away. I’ve always liked some rock, and the type of rock REO Speedwagon provides is right up my alley.

Air Supply, Feel The Breeze
This is a prime example of a band I “didn’t know but knew a lot of songs of”. When I started digging al the Supernatural-rock, I went in search of a SPN-playlist on Spotify. Soon enough, I found a good soul – Castiel bless her – who put together all of the songs from the first ten seaons. Amongst them, Air Supply. I really liked the song in the playlist, so I digged somewhat deeper in this seemingly unknown band. It was then that I found out that I already knew a hell of a lot songs from their repertoire. Sweet soft rock before I go to bed.

Within Temptation, The Swan Song
Within Temptation is pure nostalgia! I remember being twelve or so when their megahit Ice Queen was released. As this is a band from the Netherlands, Belgian radio supported this like crazy – and because it was a tune – so Ice Queen was on almost every hour. This was perhaps the first serious rock I was into and have bought every album since Mother Earth. This particular song is a bonustrack on The Silent Force, an album I adored and was perhaps my favourite until The Unforgiving was released. While I like their heavy songs a lot, I adore their epic ballads.

KT Tunstall, White Bird
Not much to say about this Scottish talent, I think. Much like the rest of the world, I saw her first while doing that amazing performance on that talkshow and the rest is history. Black Horse was my jam for long and her second album will always remain her best. No matter what you say.

Tears For Fears, Power
It’s like discovering the book through the movie, but I found my way to Tears For Fears through covers. Mad World is the obvious one (oh Adam Lambert, marry me!), but it was Lorde’s haunting cover of Everybody Wants To Rule The World that really drove me to knowing more songs by this band.

Gabrielle Aplin, This Side Of The Moon
Thank YouTube for Gabrielle Aplin! Of all the people who have gotten famous because of it, I’m most glad she found her way into the spotlight. Such a nice and sweet girl – and solid live performer – with an amazing repertoire. From the sweetest popsongs to her more raw second album. I count myself lucky to have singed copies of both her albums. Gold for the future.

Blue Öyster Cult, Blue Öyster Cult
While this band is also featured in Supernatural, I actually got to know them through a game. Songpop, to be exact. I really liked the snippet of Don’t Fear The Reaper that came by when I was playing the Classic Rock party, and it made me dig deeper. Really great rock, which fits nicely in my collection next to Kansas, Styx and Nazareth.

Katy Perry, Spiritual
I am not ashamed of the books I read or the music I like. So I don’t feel guilty listening to bubblegum pop or other stuff that’s not considered appropriate for my age and gender. Well, a pair of tough titties to all those who frown upon me, cause I like to dance to Katy – and others – once in a while, and I am not ashamed to admit so.

So there you have it, the first ten songs out my extensive music collection. Did you hear anything you like, or did you discover something new and amazing? Share it below. If not, don’t worry, perhaps next month’s shuffle is so you! Rock on.


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