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Every Wednesday, people from all over the bookish world gather ’round to share their top 5 lists concerning whatever theme that week. All under the watchful eye of the Mother of all Top5’s, Lainey.
This week, I’ll share with you all those cool fictional items that I wish were somewhere in my room. I apologize in advance for making this a very Potter Wednesday, but the Potter-items are the coolest.

5. Kinetic Ring (The Dresden Files)
As far as rings go, there is the One to rule them all, but I don’t really dig the visions of the scary eye. So I’d settle for the second best, which has to be Harry Dresden’s kinetic ring. For every time he swings his arm, a little bit of kinetic energy is stored in the ring and when it’s fully loaded, he can release a powerful blast. One a scale from one to ten, it’s wicked.

4. Luggage (Discworld)
Time for a little confession: I am prone to losing stuff and finding it someplace it shouldn’t be later. The best option for me would be the Luggage from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. It’s a chest made from enchanted pearwood which does not only store items but also follows its owner everywhere he goes and defends him or her by, well, swallowing adversaries. Bit drastic perhaps, but I’ll never lose my stuff again!

3. Time Turner (Harry Potter)
Messing with time is quite a dangerous affair – stepping on a butterfly etc – but if I could use it safely, a Time Turner would come in handy once in a while. Sometimes, I feel like I need more hours in a day to do the things I need and want to do, so a little spin would be welcome.

2. Hermione’s Bag (Harry Potter)
Having the Luggage is one thing, but sometimes it’s not all that practical to have a huge walking trunk around you all the time. So as an alternative, I’d like Hermione’s bag for those things I feel like I need to have on me all the time and within easy reach. Say, some books, my laptop, … The only downside to this is that the bag is really ugly, at least to my taste, but hey, you can’t have it all I guess.

1. Invisibility Cloak (Harry Potter)
Perhaps a bit obvious, but come on, who wouldn’t want the Invisibility cloak – a good second would be Galadriel’s Elven Cloaks, but let’s stick with the best of the best, chall we? A cloak like this would be super handy. In fact, my colleage and I recently had this discussion at work about which superpower we would want, and she’d go for invisibility to hide from students when they are being particularly annoying. This cloak would come in handy for that as well, and countless other moments.

So there you have it, five fictional items that I wouldn’t mind if they were non-fiction. Which items do you fancy? Comment below!

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7 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday | Wants it!

  1. I had to resist the temptation to put all the enchanted objects found in Harry Potter in the list. I mean, come on. Flying cars, Portkeys, pensieves, the Room of Requirement, broomsticks, all that candy, the fireworks. JUST GIVE THEM ALL TO ME. T_T But yeah, the Time Turner and the Invisibility Cloak still made it to my list. How could they not. T_T
    Great list, Nick!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I hear you, I wanted to add all the stuff from Harry Potter as well. Who cares about the other fictional universes and their object when you can have the Potter stuff 😀


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