Set Fire to the Rain | Burn, Rewrite, Reread tag

Before we start this tag, I would like to apologise to all of you who have been traumatised by the image above. Note that I have no fireplace at my appartment nor did I go to another place to take a picture; this is an image from the deepest and darkest places of Google Images.
All craziness aside, I would like to thank the lovely Aimal for tagging me in this slightly disturbing yet awesome tag. Do visit her blog, she’s the sweetest!

The rules to this are quite simple:

  • Randomly choose 3 books. (Use the β€˜random’ option on your Goodreads read shelf. Thanks for that tip, it makes this so much easier)
  • For each group, decide which book to burn, which one to rewrite, and which to reread. (A lot like Kiss, Marry, Kill.)
  • Repeat until you completed three rounds (or five)


Okay, this first round is already really hard, cause these books are good, better and amazing.. Time to make my hard as hard as stone and as dark as a starless night..
Burn: Even though I don’t want to burn it, I will have to feed Dawnthief to the flames. It’s a really nice adventure, but paired with the other two, it’ll have to go.
Rewrite: Another tough one, cause both books left standing are not perfect and could do with a rewrite. Still, I feel like Silverthorn fell a bit out of tone with the rest of the trilogy and thus, despite it being a lovely read, will get some tweaking to make it even better.
Reread: Which means that I’ll reread Lord of the Rings, which is actually going to happen someday, when I find the courage to take that monster of a book off the shelf again.


After the hardship and heartbreak of the previous bout, this one is slightly easier. If only slightly.
Burn: The burning is an easy one, De Draken can go. In fact, I didn’t burn it, but I did give it away to a second hand bookshop after reading it. It was just not that good. The fact that I was able to buy it for two euros might have been an indication.
Rewrite: It pains me to do so, but I’ll rewrite Heir Of Fire. I really enjoyed that book, but I’d make it flow a bit more, cause it took me forever to read, despite being really into it.
Reread: A Fistful Of Charms is one of my favourite books in The Hollows series. I’m not that into werewolves, but this book was a brilliant wolfie. Also, it featured Jenks in a more than brilliant way and put things in motion for him that made me sob later on in the series. And toothbrushes. Lots of ’em!


This tag is really trying to get me to an early grave now, is it? How in the hell can I choose between these three? I’m feeling depressed right now.
Burn: Okay, solely based on rating and how I felt after reading, I will burn Hounded. Even tough this series is really good and fun, the first book was really testing the waters.
Rewrite: It’s a bit like the first round this one, both books are more than good, but at the same time could benefit from minor changes. Since I only recently read Turn Coat, I’ll rewrite that a little bit to make the culprit less obvious. I think it’s the first ever Dresden book where I knew who the bad guy was when we first met him. Other than that, a great book!
Reread: By no means is The Written a perfect book and it’s been too long to remember the finer details of the novel, but I do remember being so pleasantly surprised that I instantly bought everything Ben Galley had to offer. Also, I think that in the meantime the author did a rewrite of the book, so I don’t have to add any of my own.


This is really becoming the Kim Harrison show, is it? That’s true randomness for ya! Anyway, quite an easy round before we go into the final one.
Burn: I look at the books one by one rather than in groups of three – I do like some tension in my life y’all! – and as soon as I saw Darkspell I knew I was going to burn the sucker before knowing what the final book would be. Now this is a bit harsh, cause it is an okay book, if not for the ending. If I remember correcly, Katharine Kerr already did a revision of this book and edited some of the anti-gay stuff out. Still, the villains – two men – engage in off-screen sexual affairs and this is very much villified. Despite it already being an edit, it still left a bitter taste in my mouth because the link between evil and gay was still obvious.
Rewrite: Black Magic Sanction is one of the middle books of the series and books five through eight didn’t leave a lasting impression on me. I did like them a lot, but they just take the plot along and add some drama to the mix. So I’ll just do a little rewrite of this and be done with it.
Reread: Pale Demon is the ninth book in the series and one of my absolute favourites. This book is just one big roadtrip from hell – which was a step away from the usual goings of the series in Cincinatti and very refreshing – and it’s the start of a ship I was wishing so hard it would become canon. I don’t ship that often, but this was one I was waiting for. Great! Great! Great!


I think I’ve suffered enough throughout this tag, so it’s nice to end it really easy.
Burn: Can you guess? If you’ve read my review on Unravel Me, it will come as no surprise that I want to burn this book – actually, can I burn the entire series and erase it from my mind. This was the book in the series where I started to feel that a certain ship was going to sail and I was so against it – Stockholm syndrome, unhealthy, character180, … – and it was also becoming abundantly clear that I was reading a romance set in a dystopian world, rather than a dystopian novel with some romance. Also, if you begin your book with the sentence “The world is an omelette”, I can’t but burn it to ashes.
Rewrite: Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who has read The Braided Path trilogy by Chris Wooding. I first stumbled upon it in the library and I fell in love with the first book. The trilogy as a whole is really strong – though disturbing as hell – but the first book is the best. Thus Ascendancy Veil gets a little rewrite.
Reread: While I am not big on YA, I make an exception for Patrick Ness. Hiw Chaos Walking trilogy was so very different and a joy to read, and I loved this last book. It doesn’t happen often with YA, but Monsters of Men did give me all the feels. I will reread this trilogy soon-ish.

There you have it, we’re done with the burning, rewriting and rereading. Would you have picked otherwise? Tell me down below in the comments!

This tag was superfun, so I think I’ll do it again in a few months. In the meantime, I encourage you to kindle your own fires, Ana, Analee, RedheadedBooklover, Panda, Alyssa, Jess, Nya, Kacie, CW, Bookkeeper’s Secret, Becca, Becca, Codie, Chloe, Chelsie, Cinderzena, Elza, Betty, Gel, Emma, Michelle, Jonas, Melissa, Aentee and Kat.
If you have already done this tag or have no interest in doing this, feel free to ignore!


12 thoughts on “Set Fire to the Rain | Burn, Rewrite, Reread tag

  1. Ayeee thanks for doing this. :3 It was surprisingly a ton of fun when I did it, so I’m glad you enjoyed it.
    The Chaos Walking trilogy scarred me. After reading Monsters of Men, I was too emotionally exhausted to pick up another book for like a month. 😁
    Oh, I look forward to the day when I finally pick up the Lord of the Rings.

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  2. I love the Hollows series! But I stopped reading them when I got to college and didn’t have the funds .. I hope to get back into it! Great rounds πŸ™‚


  3. Hahaha this is such a fun tag! I haven’t read some of the books on your list, but I definitely should look up the ones you choose to reread!

    (I lol’d when I saw what you said about Unravel Me. And LOL the world is an omelette. I cannot quite think of a context in which that would make much sense. πŸ˜‚)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is such a cool tag! I’m getting excited thinking about it!!! Thank you Nick for tagging me again… I enjoyed reading your answers… cracked up on Unravel Me. Haha! I also got some great books to check out (and what to avoid, lol!) thanks to this post.

    Liked by 1 person

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