Musical Mondays | First Love

While this blog is primarily about books, I have ventured out into TV-land and given you my opinion on some of the series or movies I’ve been watching. I have another passion, however, which has yet to get out in the spotlight. Most of the time, when I’m reading, I’m also listening to music and prior to moving in with my boyfriend, I spent most of my time on my room and I was playing cd’s from dusk till dawn. Suffice to say that I am quite passionate about music and with this little fortnightly segment, I’ll share some of that passion with you.
For the very first Musical Monday, it’s only fitting that I’ll talk a bit about my very first big musical love. Crank up the volume!

My first big musical crush were The Corrs, a popular Irish band from the ’90s and early 2000’s. How I came to fall in love with the band, is quite a story.
When I was 10, I had this Friendship book, it’s like this little diary wherein your friends can add all these little facts about themselves like favourite food, hobby, … One of the questions was about music and this one girl in my class wrote that she adored The Corrs. Back then, I wasn’t that into music – except for the Pocahontas soundtrack – so I kind of let it slide. A couple of weeks after, on a Sunday afternoon, I was rumaging through my dad’s cd-collection in search of something to listen to. This was when I stumbled across his copy of their Unplugged album, so I grabbed it for a listen. After two songs, I was hooked! That night, we were supposed to go to my grandparents’ and I took my discman along to keep on listening. In the weeks after, I kept playing the album over and over and over and before long I knew the songs by heart. My favourite at the time was Queen Of Hollywood, so for my next birthday I bought the Talk On Corners album which had that song and many other great ones.
Ever since, I’ve been a big fan of The Corrs so I was heartbroken when they went on hiatus. I did love the albums put out by both Andrea and Sharon, but it just wasn’t the same now, was it? I even got to see Sharon live in my hometown, which was amazing. Now that the band has reunited – with an album that reminds me of their glorydays, we can say! – I hope they tour near me once more, cause I really want to see them live and hear those awesome songs that made me fall in love with music all those years ago.

Favourite songs: No Good For Me & Radio


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