Top 5 Wednesday | Spoiler alert!

Every Wednesday, people from all over the bookish world gather ’round to share their top 5 lists concerning whatever theme that week. All under the watchful eye of the Mother of all Top5’s, Lainey.
This week, I will share with you my top five books for which I got spoiled. I count myself lucky that I am quite good at avoiding spoilers altogether, which is quite the achievement if you know that I, on average, read books several years after their initial release. In general, I don’t mind mild spoilers, but I certainly am quite pissed when I get epically spoiled. Part my fault, cause why go looking up information on certain books, but on the other hand, I’m not going to close myself off from every possible spoilerzone just because I don’t read the hottest of the hot. Spoilertags are invented for a reason, I think..

5. Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl, Beautiful Chaos
I got spoiled for the third book in this series before I even got round to reading the first one, and it was entirely my fault. I was watching a YouTube video about books that made the Booktuber cry and why, spoiler warning and all, then this series came up and before I could mute the video, I heard it all. Not that I really care, cause this series is not high on my TBR – anymore, but I’m still a bit miffed about the whole affair. Why can’t I forget spoilers?! Knowing this makes it even harder to pick this series up.

4. Veronica Roth, Allegiant
I’ve seen some Top 5’s today, and I think this book was featured in every single one of them. Which is not that surprising, cause after the release, you couldn’t turn on your internet or you would get spoiled. Honestly, I am surprised Google didn’t display it in their banner once the cat was out of the bag. Also, despite lots of people really trying their best to keep it under wraps, the fuss everyone was making about it didn’t make it that hard to figure out what was happening. Not that I cared, cause when Allegiant came around, I was past caring for this series. But I think I might have made that point pretty clear in my reviews.

3. Michael Grant, Gone
I got spoiled at work for this one. Their is this kid at school who was reading this series, and one day I had to go fetch him because he got really angry in class. To get his mind off things, I started talking about the Gone series and before I knew, he had shared the plot for the whole first book with me. Luckily I was able ro rein his enthousiasm in before he got to the final book. I’ve been planning to read this series for years now, but I never actually picked it up, despite really wanting to. If only I had, I could have chatted along instead of getting spoiled for three books or something like that.

2. Kim Harrison, The Hollows
This was a stupid spoil, really. I was still at uni and reading the third or fourth book with about eight out, I think. I was browsing the internet and looking up a specific event that was mentioned in the book I was reading, when I came across a message on a message board that read “X dies!”. I was devastated, but it was followed by “(Joking!)”, so I was at ease. When I got round to that book, it turned out said poster was not joking at all. I was devastated all over again..

1. Suzanne Collins, Mockingjay
This is another silly spoil. Between reading the second and third book, I was looking up some info on the actress playing Prim. Accidentally, I clicked on the wrond site and I got a character profile instead of the actress’. Then their was the ‘Current status’ thing and I saw it. No unseeing it, unfortunately. The way it happened was still a shocker, though, but I wish I never knew it at all.

So there you have it, these are the top five books I got spoiled for. Which books did you get spoiled for? Comment below and remember, no spoilers!

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