It’s my anniversary!

It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday! Well, not really my birthday. But one year ago today, I published my very first post on this blog. The fact that I am still blogging, one year on, is reason for celebration alright. I’ve talked about my blogging history in previous posts, so you know that it hasn’t always been this smooth a ride.
I’m not going to make any promises on how long this Paper Dragon will be breathing fiery new posts, but I’m enjoying myself very much here, so who knows.. A year from now, I might just repeat this post.

One thing that makes blogging so much fun is talking with others. Not only followers who comment on stuff, but also talking to people about blogging and books in real life. Coming up with posts together, or discussing each other’s posts before throwing them out there for all of you to see, it’s become very much part of the blogging experience. I would like to use this little birthday post to guide you to the blogs of my boyfriend and sister. Go say hi, if you like!
β˜… Jeremy has posts on all kinds of stuff. Predominantly bookrelated, he also shares his opinions on music, television and perhaps his biggest passion, the foods.
β˜… My sister, Ana, is the smaller and female version of me. Meaning, she’s a geek who manages to still find the time to live in the real world, despite having obligations to multiple fandoms.

But as I said before, you guys are also a very big part of what makes blogging fun. Thanks for the amazing year on this blog, and here’s to another one! Cheers.

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