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The Pixar book tag.. A tag comining Pixar and books, two of the things that have been providing humanity with happiness since before I’ve been born. Thank you so much, Joey, for sending some computeranimated happiness this way!
Let’s not hesitate any further and get the cameras rolling! Also, as we go through this tag, it will become blatantly clear how many movies I have yet to see. I do feel ashamed in advance, yes.

Toy Story. A book where you wanted the characters to come to life.
There are a lot of characters whom I’d want to be real, so we could be friends and hang out. If I have to pick one book, though, I’d go with Kim Harrison’s A Fistful Of Charms, the fourth in the series. I would love for Jenks to be real, cause who wouldn’t want a foul-mouthed Pixie on their shoulder? The observant one amongst you will know that Jenks is featured in all thirteen books. In the fourth, however, he’s also human-size and apparently handsome..
That being said, before I start turning Jenks into a real toyboy, I should probably watch Toy Story. I have seen the first one when it first came out, and I have vague recollections of seeing some scenes from the sequel but I have no memory of the plot whatsoever. The third film is still uncharted territory for me.

A Bugs Life. A character who goes through a transformation.
Every good character goes through some sort of transformation or experiences growth, but the character I’ve been most impressed by in terms of change, is Arya Stark from George R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire. She goes from a little darling tomboy to whatever she will be. I have the feeling that in terms of transformation, she’s still in her cocoon-stage and the true butterfly has yet to spread her wings. I’m waiting, patiently. For now.
Never seen A Bugs Life, to be honest, and when I’m looking for an animated film to watch, this is not one that comes to mind spontaneously. I have seen Ant Z and wasn’t that impressed by it, nor do I like bugs in real life, so you’ll have to pardon me being hesitant towards this movie.

Monsters Inc. A strong/scary character develops a soft side for someone.
Ranger from Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. He is this scary, rugged, muscled bounty hunter with his macho cars and big guns. The type of guy you see and instantly cross the street to keep a safe distance. It’s nice to see him developing a soft spot for Stephanie, even though it’s still soft Ranger-style. Stephanie’s reactions to him are to die for as well.
Seen Monsters Inc.! Not the prequel, though. Is it worth the time?

Finding Nemo. “P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.” A book that has an address or quote that’s burned into your memory forever.

The Incredibles. Coolest book family.
Sticking with Harry Potter, I think the Weasley’s are the coolest book family ever. Do I need to elaborate on that? If so: Molly Weasley. Perhaps we could watch The Incredibles together..

Cars 1,2,3. A book that keeps getting sequels you feel are not needed.
I have not completed that many long series, so it’s not easy to pick one here. Also cause I’m not one to complain when yet another book is added to a series I quite enjoy. I do think that it’s about time for Anita Blake to put the stakes away. Only today I found out that Laurell K. Hamilton has announced the release of the 25th book in this series later this year.. I’m on book 12 and highly doubtful that it will ever become once again what it was around book 2.
I haven’t seen any Cars. I’m not that into cars and all, so a movie about them is not the most appealing idea ever.

Ratatouille. A book featuring a non-human/humanoid.
Cinder by Marissa Meyer and it’s sequels feature a cyborg Cinderella and other robotic life. While I like Cinder as a character – though I prefer Cress and Winter – Iko is the best humanoid to have ever walked the pages of the books I’ve read. Not that hard since I’m not that into robots and sci-fi, but she’s still awesome.
Ratatouille also belongs to the pile of movies I have yet to see..

Wall-E. A book that made you lonely.
Assassin’s Quest by Robin Hobb kind of fits, I guess. Recently, I’ve seen a lot of people pick up Hobb – and rightly so, she’s awesome! – but they weren’t that taken with this final book in the first trilogy. I, however, loved it and it broke my heart. Normally, I can close a book and ease myself back into everyday life, but with this one, I needed some time to piece myself back together.
I’m also not that big a hero with sad movies, so perhaps I need some mental preparation when I pick up Wall-E.

Up. A book whose characters made you quickly become emotionally invested in.
I am seriously risking losing followers because of me being repetitive, but Rebecca Levene’s Smiler’s Fair, Audrey Niffenegger’s The Time Traveler’s Wife and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Three absolutely brilliant novels which have characters that draw you in from the start and never let go. They undergo trials, hardship or experience the most incredible things and you experience it all with them. If you’re looking for books that suck you in and where you can take the time to settle in comfortable clouds of words – rather than rushing through fast-paced – pick one of these.
While you read these, I’ll go watch Up.

Brave. Name a book with a strong mother/daughter relationship.
Ha, a film I’ve seen! Go figure. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a book that really fits here. I’ve been trying to come up with a good Fantasy that features this kind of relationship, but I’m coming up blank. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments!
In lieu of a strong relationship, I’ll go for a peculiar one and mention Stephanie Plum once more. Seriously, though not really close, the relationship between daughter, mother and grandmother in these books is hilariously strange and crazy. When I’m reading a Plum, I’m convinced that Grandma Mazur must be the greatest character ever.

Inside Out. Name a book that could be one of your core memories.
Bonus points for originality = 0, but Harry Potter. These books are no ‘could be’ either, they are core memories. I grew up reading them and these are the books that got me into reading for life. Before Harry, I liked to read. Ever since, I love to read and inhale everything fantasy.
Inside Out is another Pixar check. A recent one as well, and I was really impressed. This was no fluffy movie, but a movie with a message and a really good way to explain emotions to kids. Well done, Pixar, well done!

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3 thoughts on “All that’s good in the world | Pixar Book Tag

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination! Sorry it took so long for me to get to this! holy moly- you should stop what you’re doing *right now* and watch toy story!! You won’t regret it!! Bugs Life is better than Antz, but I get if you don’t want to watch it- it’s, well, full of bugs. Incredibles is well worth watching though!Cars is awful 😦 I’ve not seen Up or Wall-E either yet. Ratatouille is fun!
    little distracted by the Pixar side of this tag if I’m honest :/ but HP is never a bad choice, and I really enjoyed Night Circus too 🙂


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