Encouraging Thunder Award

Sunday evening, almost time to go to bed and the new workweek is creepily close. While this could be the opening scene from the most scary Supernatural episode yet, it is reality. If only Jensen Ackles were here to protect me.. But I digress. What better way to finish off the weekend with the Encouraging Thunder Award, which will propel all of us with renewed vigor into Monday. Thank you so much for this, Magdalena! If you haven’t met her yet, go say hi!

– Thank the person who nominated you.
– Post the Encouraging Thunder logo.
– Mention your purpose in blogging.
– Nominate others for the award.

Why I blog
I love reading, obviously. But sometimes, reading just isn’t enough. Some books just demand to be talked about, but there’s not always someone around willing to listen; hence me taking refuge on the interwebs.
My first foray into the book community was GoodReads, where I posted reviews. Thing is, without people talking back to you, reviewing gets pretty old pretty soon. Blogging became an option – something I did when I was younger, on MySpace and MSN when they were still alive – and The Paper Dragon was born on Blogger. Once again, I felt like talking to a wall and also, I was blogging way too sporadically and soon enough quitted. Then I came across BookTube, and my interest in booktalk was revived once more and at the beginning of 2015, I created this blog. It took a while to make my first post and the first few months I had trouble finding a good blogging rhythm, but now, one year later, I’m very much comfortable where I’m at.
When talking about my purpose in blogging, I just look at where I am today. I post reviews, do awesome tags and fun Top 5 Wednesdays and in all this, you guys talk back! That’s basically why I blog, I get to share my love for books with other people. I get to discuss books with other people, I discover new books, others find new books through me… Reading can be perceived as a lonesome hobby – unless you have the good fortune to have a reading boyfriend, at the moment engrossed in your favourite book ever – but blogging gives me a sense of community, of beloning. It’s why I like bookclub, why I like challenges and stuff. It’s doing things together, discovering things together and sharing the wonder of words.

Get nominated!

And the nominees are…
Ana, Analee, RedheadedBooklover, Panda, Alyssa, Jess, Nya, Kacie,
CW, Elza, Betty, Orang-Utan, Aimal and Aentee
If you have already done this tag or have no interest in doing this, feel free to ignore!

7 thoughts on “Encouraging Thunder Award

  1. Can we just talk about how amazing your opening paragraph is? It goes against all the rules of feminism, but I often dream of the Winchesters coming to rescue me from the everyday horrors of life – you know, homework and finals and stuff.
    Thank you so much for the nomination, Nick! 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

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