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Every Wednesday, people from all over the bookish world gather ’round to share their top 5 lists concerning whatever theme that week. All under the watchful eye of the Mother of all Top5’s, Lainey.
This week, we stray from the published path and venture into books published by the author him- or herself. Some of the authors below you might be familiar with, but I do hope you find something new here and check it out. So let’s get the presses rolling, cause here are my favourite self-published authors.

5. Greg Hamerton
Years ago, I stumbled upon a glowing review of The Riddler’s Gift by Greg Hamerton. I had never heard of the author, but the review had me convinced I needed his books in my life. So I went ahead and bought the first book from the author’s website, read it, loved the epic story about magic, good and evil, bought the sequel (*) and … still have to read that.
If you’re into classical epic fantasy, with Dark Lords and heroes, you will probably like this. Even more so if you fancy music as part of the magic. I would provide more details on the story, but it’s been too long, unfortunately. I will, however, reread this and read the sequel finally as well. When this will be, I don’t know. So many books, so little time.

4. David Dalglish
David Dalglish is a name not unknown to the average fan of the Epic Fantasy. While he has been writing for several years and self-published his novels, his work has been published by Orbit as of recently, and rightly so.
Once again, it was a review of his Paladin series that got me to notice him and check out his works.
While he’s about to have eight books out at Orbit, he has more where that came from and if it does not get a big release, you should buy the self-published works as it’s good and worth your time.

3. Michael J. Sullivan
One might forget, seeing how well his Orbit-released novels are leaving shops everywhere, that Michael J. Sullivan’s Riyria Revelations was originally a self-published effort. A fun Fantasy romp in the style of David Eddings that shows that getting noticed might just give you the break you need.
With his recent series, the Riyria Chronicles, Michael J. Sullivan has once again done it himself by Kickstarting the third book in the prequel-series, in order to give the fans what they wanted without the wait that comes with the big publishing companies. I can’t imagine you haven’t heard of this series yet, but if you are that lonesome star in the sky, give it a try!

2. Rachel Aaron
Publishing goes both ways. Where authors as Michael J. Sullivan started out self-publishing their work and found a publishing company who had faith in their writing, some authors do it the other way around. Rachel Aaron is the author of the Eli Monpress series and the space opera which she wrote as Rachel Bach. Her most recent urban fantasy effort, however, is self-published.
Nice Dragons Finish Last is the first in the series and this absolute delight of a book is prove that there is beauty outside the publishing companies. She wrote great stuff with Eli as her protagonist, but Nice Dragons might be her best effort yet.

1. Ben Galley
If you’re a frequent visitor of my blog and have perused my older writings, you might have noticed that I have a little crush on Ben Galley. Once again, a great review of his first book, The Written had me convinced that I needed to try it and I fell in love after the first couple of pages. I instantly bought the second book and pre-ordered everything that has “Ben Galley” written on it ever since.
His books are pure eye-candy on your shelf, but first and foremost, the stories he tells are just great. Be it the epic tale of the Emaneska series of the slightly disturbing Blood-infused magic in his Western trilogy, he keeps amazing me and it’s a delight every time. In fact, one of these days I’ll be starting the second Scarlet Star novel in order to be ready for the final book which will be released soon-ish. I know I’ve said it countless times, but y’all should read this!

So there you have it, five authors who prove that not all that gets a big publisher is gold, and sometimes you need to stray from the published path in order to find greatness. These authors have that aplenty and ready for you to devour. Enjoy!
Do you have any self-published recommendations? Share them in the comments below!

(*) Notice how this story is a tale as old as time. I was still reading the books before buying the sequel. As of now, I have countless finished series that I have yet to start.

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