Reflections and resolutions, charts and challenges ..

Happy New Year to you all! I hope 2016 will be a great year to every single one of you and may there be books and blogfun aplenty! So, the new year is upon us and thus it’s time to once again look back and ahead. As I do every year, I set myself certain goals in 2015 and in this post, I’ll look back upon how I did. Before I do, however, a little reflection on the general reading year 2015.

On the whole, I am pretty pleased with how the year has been. I read 54 books in total, of which were 14 rereads and 40 new books. The average score being 7.3/10 is far from bad, with Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows scoring the highest (9.5) and Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol the lowest (3.5). Laurell K. Hamilton’s Narcissus In Chains was the only other book I read this year that got a score below 5. Having no plot whatsoever and just 600pages of BDSM, that book was lucky to still scrape 4.5 points together. These 54 books cover a wide range of genres. For a complete overview of all the genres I read, here is a little geeky diagram for you:
As almost every year, I’m a little disappointed in the amount of Epic Fantasy I’ve read. I consider it to be my favourite genre, so with only five books read, that could have been better. What is different this year, though, is how the scores differ by age. Any other year, adult fiction scores better than young adult. This year, however, YA+MG score 7.6 and YA alone 7.9. This is due to the fact that Dan Brown and Hamilton pull the adult score downwards, but in favor of YA, there is Sarah J. Maas who was the surprise of 2015 and the Harry Potter and Hunger Games rereads.
Apart from those 54 novels, I also had some additional reading which I didn’t count as a novel and thus did not contribute towards my GoodReads goal. Last year, I read 3 short stories and one novella. I also discovered the graphic novels, of which I read 11. I will continue to read graphic novels and shorts (the latter because most of them are nice little additions to series), but they will never be my favourite medium for reading.
But enough geeky statistics, let’s take a look at the challenges.


The overview of 2015 can be found on the 2015 Challenge Page.
I did well on my GoodReads challenge. I set myself every year the goal of reading 50 books, which is about a book a week and is in line with my reading speed. With 54 books read – not counting shorts and graphic novels – I am pleased with that challenge.
I also participated in my Bookclub’s reading challenge, which consists of reading one book a month that fits a certain theme, and I also managed to read 12 books according to the themes each month. I did not finish one in the according month, however, but for me it is enough to actually read a book that fits the theme, not to rush to finish it in a certain amount of time. Mission accomplished!
As I do every year, I want to finish or catch up with more series than I start. I did marginally well on that, seeing as I started seven series and caught up with or finished nine. Of those seven I started, I also finished four and am nearly caught up with two of the remaining three, which is also far from bad. I also finished two long-running series with Kim Harrison’s The Hollows and Katharine Kerr’s Deverry series. I started both in 2011, so yay me!
Lastly, I wanted to participate in some BuddyReads/Readalongs, and this is where things started to go a bit awry. With Bookclub, we were going to read Harry Potter, Mortal Instruments and His Dark Materials. As far as Harry Potter and His Dark Materials were concerned, these would be rereads for me. Since it was an odd year, I was going to reread Harry Potter anyways and not being the biggest fan of Pullman, I only engaged for Harry Potter and finished them all in the year, with The Philosopher’s Stone being read in a record two sittings. I did want to read Cassandra Clare, however, but never got round to picking them up. Some awesome BookTubers also came up with #YearOfCosmere at the end of 2014, with the goal of reading one Sanderson every month in order to be ready for the newest release this January. Being a big fan of his work, I was down for this, but soon found myself trailing behind with no books read in March. Suffice to say that I ended the year with no Sandersons read, so #YearOfCosmere has been an epic fail for me.
This Summer also saw the birth of BookTubeSFF Awards – on which I did a post – and I wanted to join in with the readalongs and discussions. Of all the books I wanted to read, I barely read some. In the end, I read 9 out of 15 nominees, which is not half bad, but they primarily consist of the short fiction and the graphic novels. I only read four novels, evenly split between adult and young adult. In my defence, though, one of the YA-nominees I read was Sarah J. Maas’s Heir Of Fire and I had yet to read the first two books, so I kind of had some catching up to do there.
Now, let’s look ahead to 2016!


The overview can already be found on its Challenge-page.
Once again, I challenged myself to read 50 novels, not counting short fiction and graphic novels. I also want to catch up with more series than I start, so here’s to hoping that it will turn out positive once more. I have some books planned for the month(s) to come that will see some series finished or caught up with, so the start of this challenge should at least be positive. But knowing me, I will start several new series cause I just can’t not.. And I will also read a themed book every month for Bookclub as well.
I have no BuddyReads planned, yet, but I hope that there will be a second BookTubeSFF Awards this year. No rereads are planned as well, so this part of the challenge will form itself as we go along. And this is my main motto where it concerns ‘challenges’. I don’t like pressure of feeling obliged to read this or that, so I just do these challenges as I go along. There are some fun Bingo-charts out there, but I have yet to find one that I really want to do. If I do find one and want to commit, I’ll add it to the page, same goes for every other challenge. Cause in the end, I read for fun so it has to stay that way.
Have a great reading year, guys! Here’s to a great year of reading and blogging.

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