Top 5 Wednesday | I’ll be reading you..

Every Wednesday, people from all over the bookish world gather ’round to share their top 5 lists concerning whatever theme that week. All under the watchful eye of the Mother of all Top5’s, Lainey.
You might or might not have noticed, but the Top 5’s are getting positively festive with cosy recommendations and wintery feels. This time of year is also the time of lists. Lists of good intentions, lists of regrets, the best, the worst, … In the spirit of all things end-of-year lists, this week we’re looking ahead to the new year with out top 5 series we want to read in 2016. Now, when it comes to me and books I want to read, this isn’t written in stone. Hell, it’s not even written on paper.. Next week I’ll do a post about all the things I didn’t read this year despite having all the best intentions, so in a year, I’ll probably look back on this top 5 and shake my head knowingly. Still, let’s not be a partypooper and crack on with the top 5 series I think I’ll perhaps read in 2016!

5. Adrian Tchaikovsky, Shadows of the Apt
Years ago, about four to five to be precise, I read till book four in this series and was truly madly deeply in love. My schoolwork got the best of me, though, and since these are hefty tomes, I put them on the backburner. Fastforward to now and I should definitely reread this series and move along since it’s finished.
If you like something totally different and steampunky, and are not creeped out my human-insect mutants, this is worth checking out.

4. Kelley Armstrong, Women of the Otherworld
Another series I started years and years ago, caught up with it but never continued on despite new book being released and the series finished by now. Kelley Armstrong was my first foray into English fiction and my first urban fantasy love. The last book of hers I read was the sixth in the series, Broken and that was nine years ago.. With the tv series Bitten getting its third and final season next year, picking this series up again is long overdue..

3. Brandon Sanderson, Cosmere
So, this year there was this #YearOfCosmere thing going on. Every month, a different Sanderson was being buddyread and even though I knew that I wouldn’t make it to read them all, I hoped to get some done. Well this turned out to be an EPIC fail. Seriously, I didn’t even manage one.. Beats me how I didn’t even manage one book, but I did. I’m not going to set myself any specific number of books, but I would like to read at least a couple of this amazingly talented author.

2. Robin Hobb, Realm of the Elderlings
Once again, years ago I read the Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb and absolutely adores those books. I never read the next couple of trilogies despite hearing that they are even better than the first one. I wanted to remedy that this year, but oh well.. 2016 might be the year I guess.

1. Steven Erikson, The Malazan Book Of The Fallen
As long as I read and buy books in English, I’ve been buying The Malazan Book Of The Fallen novels as they came out. Someone told me they were amazing and that I should read them and when I read the blurb and the overall series’ premise, I wanted to read them badly. I own the complete series now, so perhaps I should start reading them. Daunting as they may be, with their 1000+ page count..

So there you have it, five of the series I really really really want to read asap. Some honorable mentions go to Terry Brooks, Lynn Flewelling, Derek Landy, … Bottomline, I want to read them all!
Have you read any of these series? Which are you dying to read? Tell me in the comments below!

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