Infinity Dream Award

It feels like yesterday since I got nominated for my last award, and here is another one already! This day also marks the arrival of my 100th follower, so from here on, it’s infinity and onwards.
First of all, thank you Jesse for nominating me. If you haven’t seen his blog, go and take a look, cause it’s more than a pleasure to have him in your feed. Jesse is a super nice guy who has the most awesome taste in books and his posts are immaculate. Little shoutout as well for Nya, welcome, follower #100! Now without further due, the award and its rules.

1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you
2. Tell us 11 facts about you
3. Answer the questions set up for you0
4. Nominate 11 people and make questions for them

Facts of life
▪ I’ve always been obsessed with the fantastical. As a child, my favourite tv series was The Secret World Of Alex Mack.
▪ My favourite colour is blue. As a result, my wardrobe is primarily blue, black and grey.
▪ I love my cat (her name is Ellie). She is the cutest, fluffiest and most adorably crazy cat in the world.
▪ I actually like Winter. I’m not keen on all the rain we’re getting lately though, but I like it when it’s really cold outside, perhaps a light snowy blanket, and you don’t have to get out except if you really want to. Then wrapping yourself in a wooly scarf and enjoying the pure winter air. Lovely!
▪ Hot beverages are delicious. I adore a good coffee and am smitten with tea. My favourite tea is orange and/or ginger flavoured.
▪ I recently (read: last weekend) bought a New 3DS. I hate how you can’t play new games on old(er) consoles, but since I won’t be buying a PS4, I figured I’d cave for the 3DS. There are just too many cool games that I want to play (Zelda, Fire Emblem, Etrian Odyssey).
▪ Despite having to get up at 5.20 am to go to work, I adore my trainride in the morning where I can slowly enter the land of the wakeful by reading and listening to music. If that doesn’t get me awake, my 20min bikeride afterwards will do the trick.
▪ If you didn’t get it from the previous fact, I don’t like to drive a car. Also, the train is cheaper since they refund my tickets and they pay me for the distance I do by bike.
▪ The downside to that is that I can’t sing along, which I do like to do quite often. There’s nothing better than belting along to Lana Del Rey, Tori Amos and Taylor Swift.
▪ I love to have a lot of unread books at home (currently my physical tbr at home is 1800+ and still going strong). I do plan to live a long and reading life.
▪ The best thing about this time of year is a moment like this one. On the couch with the Christmas tree lit, blogging with a book ready for when I’m done. Steaming mug next to my. Music playing. The boyfriend reading and the cat snoring on her scarf.

Questions from Jesse
Name an author who you will always auto buy from. Even if the book is blank.
That would be Brandon Sanderson and Robin Hobb. I haven’t read all their books, by far, but what I’ve read is brilliance on paper.
What author will you never read from again? Why?
Tahereh Mafi. I’ve posted a review of the first two books in her trilogy, so my thoughts on the topic are pretty clear, I think. I heard on BookTube how poetic and awesome these books were supposed to be, so when I came across them while browsing the shelves of the library, I took them with me. Lucky me I got them from the library and didn’t waste any money on them, cause it was pure agony. An overly romantic X-Men knock-off where characters were altered to appease the majority of the audience. No thank you.
What is your fondest childhood memory?
There are so many it’s difficult to choose. The ‘sleepovers’ when my brother came camping in my room and we would play on our GameBoys till we fell asleep is definitely high on the list. We would play Pokémon, battle each other and then I went on playing some Legend Of Zelda – which he sucks at, by the by.
It’s almost Christmas. What book do you want to receive as a present?
The Skull Throne by Peter V. Brett and The Hunter’s Kind by Rebecca Levene are top priority. They won’t be under the tree, though, cause the editions I want have a january release.
What are you most afraid of?
Everything falling apart and not being able to live the life I’d want to live. Being unhappy and stuck.
Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?
In the opposite of the above. Happy with who I am, what I do and – in 10 years – living in a place of our own. The where is up to debate, but Scotland would be pretty awesome.
What is the last movie you have seen in theaters?
That must have been the last Hobbit, which was almost a year ago. I distinctly remember that, cause I had about a week off from work and the movie was halfway my vacation, a couple of days before the new year. Afterwards, we were quite hungry since we hadn’t eaten and went for durum in a place nearby. A couple of days after, when I had a very busy weekend at work ahead of me, I fell ill with food poisoning, which resulted in bad blood between the colleagues since they had to work the weekend.
What book would you like to see as a movie?
The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. The atmosphere of the novel is so mesmerizing it has to be on the big screen. The imagery and the subtle magics will make for a movie that blows flicks like The Prestige out of the water.
Which book do you regret buying?
Undead and … by MaryJanice Davidson. They were recommended by someone – I forgot who it was – who has a similar reading taste so I bought the first four books in the series. They are little urban fantasy novels about Betsy who turns vampire. The first was fun, but it soon went downhill and by the third I was fed up with the flimsy plot and the characters altogether. Luckily, a friend of mine was interested and loves them a lot, so I’m glad they found a loving home.
What do you waste your time on when you know you should be doing something else?
Looking for new books to buy, randomly browsing the internet/GoodReads/, playing Songpop, …
Which one of your 5 senses can you live without: sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste? Why?
This is a horrible question! I can’t give up sight and hearing, cause there’d be no more books or music. Also, I like eating way too much to live without taste. So it’s between touch and smell.. I think I’d rather loose touch, so I can still smell crisp winter air, freshly mown grass, a downpour after a hot summer’s day, …

My questions for you
1. What book could you read over and over till it falls apart?
2. Which character(s) do you want as your best friend?
3. If you could recommend one tv series or movie, which would it be?
4. Describe your perfect day.
5. What is your job? Is it your dreamjob and if no, what would that be?
6. You win the lottery, what do you do with all that money?
7. Share some of your favourite artists.
8. Which five words describe you?
9. If you could rewrite one book and refilm one movie or series, which one would you take?
10. What was your favourite moment of 2015?
11. What is the closest object that holds any importance to you?

And the nominees are…
Ana, Analee, RedheadedBooklover, Panda, Alyssa, Jess, Nya, Kacie,
CW, Aimal and Aentee
If you have already done this tag or have no interest in doing this, feel free to ignore!

12 thoughts on “Infinity Dream Award

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  2. I love my 3DS too! I’m looking forward to the new Fire Emblem games coming out early 2016.

    I would totally choose to lose my sense of touch as well. All the other are way more important to me.
    Thanks for doing the tag and answering my questions! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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