Music to my ears..

Every Wednesday, people from all over the bookish world gather ’round to share their top 5 lists concerning whatever theme that week. All under the watchful eye of the Mother of all Top5’s, Lainey.
Ever since I started participating in T5W, there have been weeks where I’ve been challenged to find five books. This week, however, I am unable to present you with my top 5 audiobooks since I have none. So instead, here is why I don’t do audiobooks.

My main problem with audiobooks is that I just don’t like them in general. I’ve tried some, sure. But I’ve only managed to finish two novellas by Stephen King (The Colorado Kid and UR) and aborted the mission with all others. I bet there are narrators out there who have a pleasant narrating voice, but the ones I’ve heard were grating. I just couldn’t stand listening to them telling me those stories and I only finished the novellas because they were short enough to suffer through.
Reading is something I do to relax, to enjoy myself. Audiobooks, however, frustrate me. When I read a book and I’ve missed or didn’t quite get something, I can easily backtrack. No such luck with my audio experience. I struggled to find the right time and eventually I gave up and hoped it wasn’t a major plottwist I was missing out on. Reading back a part I want to et fresh before continuing on is also quite a feat. Good luck going back to the previous chapter to relive that epic fight.. Altering the speed is something that gets on my nerves as well. Sometimes I have to speed it up because it’s going too slow, but then a passage comes along that I have to rewind and slow down again and then I just kind of feel like

My main issue with audiobooks, however, is my focus or rather lack thereof. When reading a book, I can focus on the text and all is well. Audiobooks, on the other hand, are excellent to multitask. But I find my mind drifting of to other things and much like when I am listening to music, the story fades to the background. Cue rewinding and frustration! So no, while I think audiobooks are great for people who are excellent multitaskers, have a lot of car-time or don’t like reading but enjoy a good story, I stay clear of them and leave them for those who can appreciate it. Because they are needed, the audiobooks. At work, there are quite a lot of children who have some degree of dyslexia, which makes reading a real task. Audiobooks are a true gift to them and so many others, but I am not of them, alas. So if you like, the five reasons why I don’t like audiobooks:

5. Narrator’s voice
4. I missed something. Rewind! Help!
3. Speeding struggles
2. Backsies are difficult.
1. My focus.

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