Top 5 Wednesday. Side characters that deserve their own series..

Every Wednesday, people from all over the bookish world gather ’round to share their top 5 lists concerning whatever theme that week. All under the watchful eye of the Mother of all Top5’s, Lainey. This week, the spotlights shift from our heroes to their trusted side companions. Here are the five secondary characters I would love to have their very own starring show.

5. Nicci and Cara from Sword of Truth (Terry Goodkind).
Where the main character from this series – Richard – becomes insufferable after the first few books and Kahlan, the main heroine, is quite the Mary Sue, it’s the side characters that makes this series worth the time. Cara, a dangerous Mord Sith, turns out to be a sassy and radiant character who lights up the room every time she walks in. I’m not sure what I want from her own series, but if she stays true to herself, it’s bound to be good.
Another character from that series that’s going to waste there is Nicci. Her dark past and her path to redemption could make for a thrilling and exciting story. Pairing her with Cara would be golden.

4. Bob from The Dresden Files (Jim Butcher).
Harry Dresden’s sidekick, the ghost/skull Bob, is someone who would thrive in its own series. It would be great to learn more about his past and a spin-off with him as a main would be more than interesting. It’s not often that a ghost takes the driver’s seat.
Up to where I am now in the series (nine books read), I find Bob very intriguing, but I can’t help but feel that his potential is underused. He could be so much more than a random guide.

3. Lula from Stephanie Plum (Janet Evanovich).
Lula, the whore turned bountyhunter from Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series is one great character. Next to Stephanie’s antics, she makes me laugh out loud on multiple occasions. Lula is all the woman society doesn’t prescribe, and she’s rocking it. Her confidence, sass and general personality make her a delightful sidekick.
For all of these reasons, I think she could be the star of her own show, where she’s pulling off her own stunts. Hilarity guaranteed.

2. Jenks from The Hollows (Kim Harrison).
Probably my favourite sidekick so far is Kim Harrison’s Jenks. The foul-mouthed pixy is a star on his own. His insults, his comments, eveything he does is pure gold. Now with the series finished, I wouldn’t turn my back on a little spin-off featuring Jenks and Belle, going on adventures of their own.

1. Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling).
Apart from our three heroes, Luna Lovegood is probably my favourite character from the entire series. With her fascination for weird creatures, I can imagine her and her husband going on adventures of their own, discovering new species of Magical Creatures, all the while getting into all kinds of trouble. I imagine this series to be like Marie Brennan’s Lady Trent series and with Luna starring, it’s bound to be good!

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