Nothing falls like London rain..

Something completely different and not book-related today, as I want to tell you about one of my favourite destinations abroad. If the title and banner weren’t obvious enough, I’m talking about London here. Whilst I’m very fond of Dublin and Edinburgh as well, there’s something about London that makes us return almost every single year for just a couple of days. In fact, we’re leaving tomorrow morning for another visit.

Just like every time around, we have some things scheduled, but mainly, we’re going for a relaxed couple of days, strolling the streets and perusing the various bookshops. One does simply not go to London without a visit to Waterstones Picadilly and Forbidden Planet. And one does not enter those fabulous bookshops without buying some books.
Next to a visit to Portobello and Camden Market, we also booked ourselves a last-minute musical. After the magnificent The Lion King two years ago and the breathtaking Wicked last year, we’re going to see Billy Elliot on Saturday night. I’m really curious to see the stage adaptation, since I find the movie to be very gripping. Expectations are high! Apart from those things, we’ll see what we come across. The main goal is to relax and enjoy ourselves.
Should you fancy, you can always follow some pics via the Instagram.

So where did this love for London come from?
When I was 15, we went on a schooltrip during the Easter holidays for four days and this is where it all began, really. While it was very much a trip along the must-sees, from Buckingham Palace to Wimbledon, and also an introduction to the City, it made me want to back. Five years later, I went back with my boyfriend on our first holiday together. After a lovely week in Dublin, we had another four days in London before returning home. Ever since, we took it upon ourself to go at least once a year. Sometimes with friends, sometimes just the two of us. Sometimes for just a day, sometimes for the weekend or longer. But always leaving with a little heartache and a promise to return next year.

How about you? Do you like London? What’s your favourite city to visit? Tell us in de comments below!


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