The Circus Blackout. Britney Spears Book Tag.

Who doesn’t like a spot o’ Britney?! I was ten when the naughty schoolgirl begged to be hit one more time, but it wasn’t until her collab with Madonna and the subsequent earworm Toxic, that I really started to enjoy the music she put out. Cause honestly, the whole Oops! era was a big pile of meh.. Every album from In The Zone on was a delight with some delicious bangers and sweet ballads. With the exception of Britney Jean, that is, a second pile of meh, mixed with whatevs.
Anyhow, I like me some BritBrit, and apparently, Jason Purcell does as well, cause he created the lovely Britney Spears Book tag. Be sure to check his channel out, cause he’s a lovely lad. So without further do, let’s get the circus on the road, shall we?!

1. The Mickey Mouse club. A book you read as a child that sparked your love for reading.
I’ve always loved reading as a child, but every single Marc De Bel book I read convinced me even more that reading was the way to go in life. This question also begs the answer ‘Harry Potter’, for these books branded me a fantasy-geek for life. Also, just because.

2. Oops, I read it again! A book you love to reread.
We can make this tag into a drinking game! Shots every time I mention Harry Potter.. Yeah, I reread the complete series every other year and they are never ever ever getting old. (Oops, almost had the wrong singer there!)

3. Jamie Lynn – a book that looks really, really similar to another book.
Every other YA-dystopian after The Hunger Games can fit this question; even some covers try to Katnissify (should be a word!) their main female character. The biggest Jamie Lynn out there, though, has to be The Testing trilogy by Joelle Charbonneau. That was so The Hunger Games: University Edition.

4. Crossroads – a severely underrated book
For fans of the Urban Fantasy genre, I can only recommend the Eric Carter series by Stephen Blackmoore. It’s a bit darker than your average urban romp, but it’s so good but so underrated. Check it out!

5. Justin Timberlake – a book you just can’t get over
Every time I read something by Brandon Sanderson or Robin Hobb, I get a serious case of the bookhangover. It’s crazy how after all those years, The Hero Of Ages and Assassin’s Quest are still branded in my mind like I just cried over them yesterday..

6. Madonna – an older character you secretly want to make out with
I had to think here for a minute, but then it hit me! Atticus O’Sullivan from the Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne is a character whom I would definitely snog and then some. Being 21 centuries old but with the body of a twentysomething, I wouldn’t mind some making out..

I mean, come on?!

7. The Onyx Hotel – a book you quit halfway through
I’m not a quitter when it comes to books, but I had to give up on World War Z.. That was just plain boring and dull. Who thought the apocalypse meant we would all be bored to death? The movie wasn’t much better either..

8. Federline – the book you most regret bringing into your life
The Touching Juliette-trilogy (Shatter/Unravel/Ignite Me). A dystopian excuse to write some cheesy horny non-seks for teens whose hormones are raging and need some fictional characters to obsess over – whether they’re dicks or not..

9. Barefoot in the Bathroom – a dirty book
If you want to do it, you better do it right. Unlike the abysmal Shatter Me drab, the Anita Blake novels can do naughty, horny and sexy but do it right. More so, these books don’t pretend to be anything but Fantasy/Romance and don’t hide behind the dystopian stuff only to shove it aside as soon as two characters enter the same room.

10. The Cheeto – a book with an orange cover

11. 2007 – a book that was tough to get through
The seventh and eighth book in Terry Goodkind’s Sword Of Truth series, Pillars Of Creation and Naked Empire, were tough as nails. I’ve been rereading this series over the course of this and last year, and I’m amazed that I ever thought this series was my favourite ever. Especially these two books.. Dayum. I deserve a medal for reading them cover to cover..

12. “Gimme More” – a book that should have had a sequel/series
Without a doubt The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. This book was so enchanting, so good, .. I wanted it to go on forever. If you haven’t read it, do so! Now!

13. Starbucks – a book that kept you up all night
The first book that comes to mind is – of course – every single Harry Potter book. Also, Lord Of The Rings kept my up till 6a.m., but I just wanted my misery to be over and not suffer another day of reading that book. Granted, I was only fifteen or so, so the appreciation wasn’t fully there, I guess.
In more recent times, Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins kept me reading way past the witching hour.

14. “3” – a book featuring a love triangle
Every other YA novel and then some. I have yet to read a book where I think the use of a triangle is justified.

15. “Cool” – a book you thought was really cool

The complete Discworld series, or just anything Terry Pratchett has touched. He’s the definition of cool.

16. “Work Bitch” – an inspirational book
The Crane Wife by Patrick Ness. Or perhaps maybe everything Patrick Ness has ever written. I think if he copied the manual for the use of a door handle, it would me inspirational.

Do you agree with my Britneyfied books? What are your picks? Also, what’s your favourite Britney song? Comment away!


2 thoughts on “The Circus Blackout. Britney Spears Book Tag.

  1. Haha, I was in grade 9 when her first album came out – totally not my kind of music at all because I was more into the alternative scene then. But one of my friends was a fan and dragged me to see Britney do a signing and performance at this mall (like I said, this was EARLY days) so I ended up meeting Britney and getting a copy of One More Time autographed. I still have the CD, and it makes me smile every time I see it.

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