It started as a joke…

Last summer, I found myself in between series once again. Those of you who have been there know how it feels. You’re looking for something new to fill the hole left by the previous series, but deep down you know that nothing will be good enough. Until the new series’s addiction kicks in, that is…
In a way, it’s comparable to the high after a Really Great Book. You just know that every single attempt at a follow-up is dead set on disappointing. Thus you choose your next book or series so that it can’t disappoint. You choose something that ‘will just do’ to bridge the gap between two highs. Sometimes, however, those bridges tend to take you by surprise…

Also that summer, I discovered Ever since GoodReads became a daily go-to, I’ve been searching for a similar site but to track my viewing habits, whether it be series or movies. Happy me that I found one for series! I was so glad that I tried to convince my sister to create an account herself, cause she’s a series-junkie in her own right and tracking your progress in this is way more fun when you have someone to compare your addiction sporadically viewed series.
Alas, my sister wouldn’t be herself if she didn’t try to get something out of it herself. This time, trying to pass on her Vampire Diaries-addiction. Till then, I’ve steered clear of this show, having been heavily disappointed in Vampires since Twilight and only been on the road to recovery since watching the first season of True Blood the summer before last. My sister, however, wasn’t to be moved and she made an account if I watched one episode of Vampire Diaries. And so I did, flippantly, all the while delivering snarky comments. It started as a joke, and it wasn’t the first episode, but perhaps after the tenth or so, a little seed had been planted.

Upon finishing the first season, I felt the need to continue. This silly little show had its fangs somewhere deep and by season two, with the arrival of Klaus and the Sun and Moon curse, I was hooked. I finished season two in less than two weeks without neglecting other series on TV back then. When I was on night duty at work, I loaded some episodes on my USB so I could watch while the kids were sleeping. And I found myself crying on more than one occasion. I still blame the season two penultimate episode for reducing me to a sobbing mess for the whole ten minutes after..
Part of what drew me in, were the characters. I couldn’t care less whether is was Stelena of Delena, but the individual characters and their storylines were so so engaging. Elena, Damon, Stefan, Caroline, Bonnie, Katharine, Lexie, Rose, … I did a little happy dance whenever they appeared. The coming of the Original family made me even more excited. As long as Matt, Tyler and Jeremy – a.k.a. the daft dudes – kept to the background, I was more than happy. Season three went by in a blur and with the parting of Klaus, Rebekah and the other Originals, the spin-off series was a new series to obsess over. By then I had resorted to watching two episodes of each show a day. More so if I could when the season came to an end.
It wasn’t all starlight and moonshine, though. Season three ended on a high and while the fourth season was able to maintain that quality initially, the whole Silas and the Cure storyline felt a little off for me. If it wasn’t for Elena and Bonnie derailing, which had me on the edge of my seat at times, it would have been a big disappointment. The fifth season, however, lost me. The Travelers and the Gemini were two storylines that were boring me to death – pun intended – and if it weren’t for some big episodes, the continuation of the Gemini and the silly Prison Worlds in season six would have pushed the series completely off the deep end.

After what’s been a pretty boring sixth season I find myself pining for the glory that was season two and three. With the departure of Nina Dobrev from the series, Vampire Diaries loses its leading lady. Say what you will, but Dobrev is a talented actress – playing multiple characters, ranging from the sweet and docile Elena to the outrageously wicked Katharine – and her absence will be a painful reminder of what Elena meant to this show. Her exit, however, was touchingly beautiful and there is no doubt about it that Caroline and Bonnie can fill her shoes. Especially the former, for Candice Accola has more than proven her worth and together with Kat Graham, they can fill the void. It won’t be the same, but it still has the potential to be good. If the showrunners sort their priorities out, that is. Without Nina Dobrev, the pinnacle of the past two to three seasons, being Delena, falls away and thus creates the opportunity for the series to reinvent itself. Vampire Diaries stands at a crossroads, and I hope they take the right way. For me it started as a joke, please don’t let this series become one..


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