Back & Forth. Reading resolutions.

A new year. Ah, they’re lovely, aren’t they? Though that being said, this new one isn’t all that new anymore. In fact, it’s already a month or so old, and it’s starting to show. Gone is the beautiful wrapping paper, gone are the Christmas lights and candles that gave everyting a shiny happy glance. Enter the first bitterness, the first annoyances and welcome the xth day that you wished you just didn’t get out of bed. What better moment to take a look at the resolutions you’ve made a month ago? That morning run isn’t happening anymore – if it even happened at all – because the bed is way warmer than the cold winter air. Gym attendance is going down and the occasional cigarette is rearing its glowing head again. Some resolutions, though, happened to survive that first month and the list is way more realistic now that there isn’t a five-course meal camping down in your belly and the alcohol is no longer making you feel like the secret lovechild of Superman and Wonder Woman.

 I’m not big on running, nor do I enjoy the occasional smoke, so here I’ll stick to my reading resolutions. Before, however, we look ahead, let’s have a look at yesteryear.

Let’s start with the GoodReads challenge, which I – as I do every year – set at 50. Some years this turns out to be a real challenge,, but in 2014, I surpassed that number by 9. Reading 59 books, however, doesn’t mean that it was a success all the way through. In fact, the mean score of all books barely manages to reach a 6 out of 10. For a large part, this is because of the large amount of YA I read (31 out of 59) and these weren’t always the brightest of the bunch.
The title for best book of the year goes to George R.R. Martin’s A Dance With Dragons part 2, which received a 9.1 score. Worst book of the year befalls Tahereh Mafi’s Ignite Me with a blazing 0.6 score.

Another goal I set for myself is to finish up some series or at least catch up with them. Even though I managed to start 7 new series, I caught up with 12. Of those 12, 5 of them I also started. Could be worse, I guess?! Alas, one of the series I did not finish, is Katharine Kerr’s Deverry cycle. I started this 15-books series back in November 2010, so I hoped to wrap this up after four whole years. That didn’t really work out since I only read one book in the series, but there’s always another year.

Lastly, I completed the monthly book challenge of my Bookclub. Every month, a topic is revealed and you have to find a book that fits the topic.

These are the same goals that I set myself for 2015, along with one other.

  • Read at least 50 books over the course of the year
  • Finish of catch up with series. One of which will be Kerr’s Deverry cycle
  • Read a book for every monthly Bookclub challenge
  • Complete some Buddyreads/Readalongs, being Harry Potter for sure and perhaps #YearOfCosmere and Cassandra Clare

Did you make some reading resolutions? If so, which ones and are you good at sticking to them or do you get sidetracked by other pretty books?

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